Why Use Sublingual HCG

How Effective Are The Sublingual HCG Drops?

Kinds of Sublingual HCG Administrations

Sublingual HCG diet and drops have become all the rage in weight loss clinics world over. With a promise to reduce obesity within days and leave no side effects in their wake, the HCG Drops have replaced all other crash diet regimes. Rightly so, because these drops have no effects on the normal functioning of the body. They work in a subtle manner by altering the metabolic rate and urging the body to use its fat reserves.

Healthy Eating and Sublingual HCGUnlike many other diet plans, losing weight with the HCG is easy, pain free and long lasting. The hormone included in these drops is what triggers stored up fat in our bodies to burn at an accelerated pace. As more and more built up fat is broken down to release energy, a dieter on the sublingual HCG drops loses anywhere between 0.5-2 pounds on a daily basis.

With its popularity, the HCG Institute, which was founded in 1987 with the aim to further the research on HCG and its effects on obesity, has developed two ways to administer these drops. They can either be taken orally, which is called a Sublingual HCG Administration or via Injections.

Taking these drops sublingually means putting them in your mouth, specifically below the tongue. Why is such administration preferred? Because HCG is a concentrated hormone, it needs to be absorbed into the bloodstream for it to work swiftly. In sublingual ingestion, HCG comes in contact with mucous glands that are present under the tongue. Thereby, making it easy for the hormone to be absorbed and spring into action!

While the effect of the drops is the same both ways, you can choose which administration you prefer depending on how comfortable you are with needles or oral ingestion. In addition, while taking the injections means you need to visit a weight loss clinic every now and then, sublingual HCG can be taken at home at any time of the day. Therefore, keep in mind these factors before choosing either method.

The Sublingual HCG Drops & Diet

As mentioned above HCG Drops work in a very different way compared to weight loss pills and potions that have a number of side effects. These drops create a suitable environment for weight loss by signaling to the brain that more fat needs to be broken down. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of using HCG Drops.

Hence, during the entire course of your HCG treatment, Dr. Simeons, a pioneer in HCG Research, suggests that the dieter opt for a very low calorie diet. Such a restrictive diet works in conjunction with the drops by helping your body remain stable with internal energy sources. According to the specifics of the HCG Drops Diet Plan drafted by Dr. Simeons, an individual on HCG Under Tongue, another name for HCG Drops, should take only two meals a day and replace breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee.

Both these meals should include lean proteins and be devoid of fats, cereals and dairy related foods. Such meals should translate to not more than 500-1000 calories every day. This means when the body takes in less calories and nutrition externally, it will be ready to utilize the internal sources of energy broken down by HCG Drops. Thus, leading to a fast and effective weight loss regimen.

Apart from complimenting the drops with a controlled diet plan, Simply Slim has also introduced the HCG Energizer. HCG Energizer has been developed as an energy supplement for dieters on the HCG drops. This energizer has patented ingredients that are known to give an instant energy boosts to help the body stay stable and active even on a low calorie diet.

How long should the HCG Drops be taken? On average, a plan outlined by experts suggests a 60 day HCG routine, with Day 3 till Day 60 being the most crucial ones in which the low calorie diet does its magic. However, the number of days you use HCG for can depend on certain factors like your current weight, the ideal weight you want to reach, other medications that you use and of course your resolve and willpower! Sublingual HCG Side Effects are non-existent by themselves, but check with your doctor to make sure you can take them with your other medications.

Simply Slim sells sublingual HCG Drops in packages of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150-day supplies. Therefore, if you want to give this weight loss plan a shot you may even try a 30 day HCG Diet at first to adjust to the effects of the drops and later increase the duration of the plan. However, once you start the drops dosage, follow through with the regime staunchly to see considerable changes in your weight.

If you plan to buy Sublingual HCG administration, HCG Diet Drops by Simply Slim are the best ones around. This online brand not only offers a 100% satisfaction for results, it is also approved by the FDA, which is a big concern whenever one talks about taking medications for weight loss. The FDA approval ensures that the HCG has been made with ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ and is authentic and reliable.

Are Sublingual HCG Drops for you?

Sublingual HCG Simply Slim -- Love Your BodyAfter reading about HCG Drops and their benefits against obesity, do you think HCG drops are for you? Sure, you may have a number of concerns in mind that need to be answered first, nonetheless it helps to know that HCG Sublingual for Weight Loss is safe and can be used by both genders. Moreover, these drops are completely different from weight loss medications that claim to shed extra pounds with ‘miracle ingredients.’

Instead, the mechanics behind HCG Drops and the complimenting diet have been tried and trusted over the years. The HCG Institute has issued various blind study results involving HCG Drops that make them a certified weight loss regimen.

Simply Slim understands these and many more concerns, and does its best to help dieters look for the answers. On its websites, a detailed FAQ section answers various health and dosage related questions about sublingual HCG Drops. Moreover, customer representatives at the website are always available on the hotline or via email to extend support.

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