Simply Slim Real HCG Drops

Simply Slim: Real HCG Drops

There are many HCG Drops on the market today, but did you know that around 90% of them are hormone free? That’s right, they don’t contain the HCG hormone at all. Our Simply Slim HCG drops contain 150 iu’s of HCG hormone in each daily dose. You can see on our label: Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, is the first ingredient on the ingredients.

Simply-Slim-IngredientsHCG Hormone background

Dr. A.T. W. Simeons first discovered the HCG hormone. While he was investigating HCG hormones, he discovered their use to reduce weight. The method he proposed in his book, “Pounds and Inches” is available in the form of our product Simply Slim HCG drops. They are the real HCG drops as we ensure their quality control. Various products can be found nowadays which claim to contain HCG hormones. You can rest assured that our real HCG drops are the actual thing.

Our real HCG drops work based on the findings of Dr. Simeons. We offer a Simply Slim energizer along with drops. The energizer works to give you a boost of energy during your weight loss regime. It also works to help you lose weight alongside the HCG hormone.

This programme is to be started with the advice of a doctor. However, our products are particularly prepared as a complete treatment so that you need not to consult your doctor repeatedly. You may begin to feel as though the regimen is too tough for you, but with the HCG energizer, you will feel like you are on top of the world!

There have been various techniques available on the market, which claim to help you lose weight. From hormone replacement therapies to strict soup diets, almost every technique has been marketed to the public. At Simply Slim, we are offering a weight loss technique, which is sure to help you create the body that you have been dreaming of. We make use of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone. This hormone works to increase your body’s metabolic rate, which in turn will reduce the fat stored in your body. Many people confuse the abbreviation of HCG as HGC, which it can be easily confused.

Using HCG Drops For Weight Loss

The complete HCG protocol extends over a period of 21-60 days, in three phases. The second phase of the process is the most important– it is when your body begins to lose weight considerably. It is recommended you use the Simply Slim energizer during this period. It is imperative that you continue the use of the HCG drops once you have begun. The success will depend on the adherence to the prescription. Continuous control of appetite will lead to fat reduction with the proper dosage of real HCG drops.

It is suggested that real HCG oral drops should not be taken continuously for more than 60 days. After completing a 60-day program, you must take a break to allow your body to be cleansed from the extra hormones. If you wish to continue the treatment, you can do so after approximately 2-3 weeks.

Real HCG Drops

Why Buy Simply Slim drops?

Simply slims real HCG drops contain the actual hormone that is vital to reducing weight. Many of the products available in the market that claim to contain HCG are doubtful. For the HCG drops to be effective, a person must take about 150 IUs of this hormone daily in order to achieve the results.

Marketing of weight loss products can attract any eager person looking to lose weight. It is essential that you read the ingredients before purchasing any weight loss remedy. In addition, do not always look at the price. Do not purchase something simply because it is cheaper. You cannot afford to play around with your health and purchasing a cheap non-effective weight loss remedy will only have harmful consequences. We would suggest that before buying real HCG drops, do your own share of research and be comfortable with what you are purchasing. You can buy HCG drops by visiting our HCG Store.

Real HCG drops vs. Hormone Free HCG Drops

You will unfortunately find HCG drops on the market, which claim to be hormone free. By taking these drops you may notice a slight difference in your weight, but be informed that anyone can lose weight when they are following a 500-calorie diet. With hormone free drops, your body is not losing weight in a healthy manner – you are basically starving yourself. You will lose muscle fat in the process, which is very harmful to your health. HCG alters the hormones in the body which open up the fat cells allowing the body to use what is already stored in the body. This does not affect your muscle fat.

How HCG Drops Work

Simply-Slim-30-dayHCG hormone is known for consuming the extra fat available in the body. It tells the hypothalamus to burn the extra fat in the body. It works best when you are in the second phase of your diet, when you are taking low calorie foods. This is where your body will begin to feel tired and exhausted and if you are not using the real HCG drops and the HCG energizer you are at risk of damaging your health.

It is not natural to eat food that low on calories for a longer period. When on the HCG treatment, the fat you are eating is not being used rather it is using the fat which is already stored in your body to meet your requirements. Normally a person can burn around 3000 calories a day, and with the HCG, you are burning more than 4000. Therefore, it is vital that you take the Simply Slim Energizer alongside your real HCG drops.

At Simply Slim, we offer our customers the real HCG drops you have been looking for. You do not have to worry about the quality of our ingredients as we ensure that our products are made under the best quality control. We take pride in offering real hormone therapy, which is guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel wonderful about your body.

When investing in the HCG treatment, remember that you must also be ready to make sacrifices, be willing to adhere to the strict guidelines and follow the protocol of the program. Real HCG drops are a painless alternative to HCG injections that are also available on the market. With our Simply Slim HCG Energizer, you do not have to worry about feeling too weak or tired to go about your daily life. You can see our HCG drops reviews & testimonials on another part of this site.