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HCG-Weight-LossHCG Drops for weight loss

Our HCG drops are perfect for those looking to lose weight.  They are specially formulated to perpetuate fat burning, and created from natural, high quality ingredients.  FDA approved, our HCG drops are a trusted weight loss option.

Simply Slim’s HCG Drops work by providing 150 IUs of the HCG hormone in every dose.  Hormone-free HCG diet drops are available on the market as well.  Hormone-free drops comprise of an amino acid/supplement combination.   Though the idea of hormone-free drops may be appealing some, the fact of the matter is that they just do not work as well as the real thing.  Simply put, our real natural drops are better.

Since there are so many products that inaccurately claim to be HCG, we’ve made our natural Drops easy to evaluate. This has been accomplished by putting the HCG hormone as the first (main) ingredient on the label.  This allows you to be sure that you are getting the real thing when you buy HCG from Simply Slim.

Thousands of Doctors & weight loss clinics around the world sell our drops, because they work!

HCG-DoctorThe HCG diet is widely known, utilized by doctors and weight loss clinics around the world. Those who recommend the HCG diet say that it is ideal as a jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle.  The idea behind this is that, after the initial weight loss, you will be much closer to the body of your dreams and the health that you deserve.  The confidence and overall boost this will give you in your weight loss and health endeavors is significant.  So, once you have reached your ideal weight, it is strongly suggested to switch over to general healthy eating and exercise, and to thereby maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, when following the HCG diet plan, each step ought to be followed precisely.  This means no cheating!  Hard as it may be, the key to success with Simply Slim’s HCG diet drops is self-discipline.  It will be difficult at first, but in the end your efforts will be well worth it!


How does the HCG Diet Plan promote weight loss?

WeightLossHCGThe HCG (or, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is found naturally in both sexes.  However, pregnant women produce the most of it.  During the gestation period, the HCG hormone sends a signal to the hypothalamus.  This tells it to regulate metabolism and fat storage, which ensures that the baby receives vital nutrients.  Simply Slim’s Homeopathic HCG drops hormone is ideal for weight loss because it causes your body to increase its metabolic rate and release stored fat without harming muscle tissue.  Basically, Simply Slim HCG weight loss drops do not create weight loss on their own.  Rather, they put the body into a state ideal for weight loss, thereby allowing healthy eating and calorie restriction to reap far greater results than they would otherwise.  To increase your HCG diet plan success further,  be sure that your water intake is at around 100 ounces daily.

HCG Drops proven to work in clinical studies!

labratory1In the 1980’s, Dr. Daniel Belluscio began studying HCG and its weight loss effects.  In 1987 he started the Oral HCG Research Center, an institution to test the use of oral Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin (HCG) for weight loss.  Since then, the Oral HCG Center has published several double blind studies, proving the effectiveness of oral HCG for weight loss.  They also discovered that the oral administration of HCG and the HCG injections seemed to prove equally effective, and that the oral formulation can be taken for just as long as the injections.

This makes Simply Slim’s Sublingual drops ideal, as they are a painless HCG alternative.  All in all, Simply Slim’s real HCG drops are the perfect natural weight loss solution, providing impressive results and laying the foundation for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. So if you’re wondering where to get your drops, purchase HCG Diet drops from Simply Slim for the best results!




Mishelle lost 67 lbs in 90 days using Simply Slim HCG.



Leslie has lost 40 lbs so far, and is going for her second round.



Jeff lost 17 lbs in 20 days. Congrats Jeff!



Judy lost 74 pounds doing 2 rounds of Simply Silm HCG drops.